Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Drop your party affiliation.

If I had my way, political parties, would be banned in the USA.

Why, might you ask, would I do that? If I had the power to do so?

The answer is quite simple,

The USA was built on the idea of individualism, you can be you, and live a life based on your strengths, that you were born with, for your benefit.

Political parties are collectivism, it is all about making you conform to a party platform, you may not agree with all the platform, but you must conform to the platform for progress.

I say this is a misconception, there are usually good ideas within all the platforms, if you look hard enough. But if you tow your party line, history has shown us, that only the worst ideas, that benefit a few, at the top of the party, will ever become law.

Political parties are a way for special interest groups, to use the political parties, to divide and conquer the individual, and use the party as a vehicle to pass legislation to tread upon the individual, for the collective's benefit.

The easiest way to not allow this to happen, is very simple.

Opt out of being a Democrat, or Republican, or any other collectivist political party.

Instead think for yourself, trade your political party, for the honor of your voting card saying you have NO PARTY AFFILIATION. Once you do, you are now an INDEPENDENT THINKER. You will base the worthiness of an idea, upon your own thoughts, rather than what your party says you should think about an idea that has been proposed.

This is the first step to freeing yourself from those who would use you for their own gain.

Once you don't have a dog in the Republican-Democratic fight, you can independently advocate the political parties best ideas, based upon your own beliefs, once you are no longer a part of the establishment, and you will think for yourself, rather then let a collective tell you what you must think, rather than shilling the collectives worst ideas by towing the party line, by thinking for yourself, and escaping the collectivist madness.

Once you step out of the left-right paradigm, you are no longer a slave to the left-right paradigm, you are free thinking judge of the left-right paradigm.

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